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Playboy: Launch of the NWHL (October 2015)

I interviewed NWHL commissioner Dani Rylan and Puck Daddy writer Jen Neale about the launch of the first women's paid professional hockey league. 


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Mental Floss: Dog Breeds and Yodeling (November 2008)

Some examples of the unique features I've researched and written as a contributor to Mental Floss magazine, one highlighting unusual facts about dog breeds and the other running through the history of yodeling.

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Spin: The RZA Interview (May 2007)

A cover story profile of the producer, director, actor, and Wu-Tang Clan member RZA for Spin magazine's cover story on summer festivals. 

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Maxim: Marge Simpson Interview, Entertainment Section (April 2004)

A sampling of some of the content I was responsible for in a typical issue of Maxim: A "Punisher" set visit, an interview with Ron Perlman for "Hellboy," an entertainment calendar, news and rumors and - this is a career highlight - a cover story "interview" with Marge Simpson. Never been prouder of a byline. 


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