TheWrap: Wrap Trends Video - San Diego Comic Con (July 2015)

I wrote the script for this installment of TheWrap's weekly pop culture rundown video hosted by Jordan Burchette. The focus was on the start of San Diego Comic Con 2015...


Playboy: Geoff Johns and Gary Frank on "Batman: Earth One" (June 2015)

I talked to DC Comics writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank about their approach to the graphic novel "Batman: Earth One, Vol. 2" and the ever-changing nature of superhero "canon." 

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Fast Company: Profile of Director Lexi Alexander (November 2014)

I interviewed "Punisher: War Zone" and "Green Street Hooligans" director Lexi Alexander about movie piracy, Hollywood sexism, getting fired by Joel Schumacher, and doing "Mortal Kombat" live on stage...

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Playboy: Bizarre Star Wars Memorabilia from Rancho Obi-Wan (December 2014)

I interviewed Rancho Obi-Wan founder Steve Sansweet about the most unusual items in his vast collection...including more than one reference to C-3PO's genitalia


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Fast Company: Indie Comics, Boutique TV, and "Powers" (October 2014)

Ahead of the premiere of PlayStation's first original series "Powers," I sat down with "Powers" comic creator Brian Michael Bendis and castmembers Susan Heyward, Eddie Izzard, and Noah Taylor to talk diversity and the state of comics. 

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